Simply modern service desk software

By linking ALX Service Desk with Incident Software, Customer and Business teams can collaborate on one platform to fix incidents faster and push changes with confidence.

Deliver a better service experience

Machine learning intelligently recommends the right service and learns from every interaction, will get answers very easy.

Get up and running instantly

Get started today with preconfigured IT and customer service templates, suggested business process and automation rules, and built-in email support.

Help customers help themselves

Self-service happens when your customers discover helpful information.

Conversation Archives

See how your ALX Sahaya is doing by looking up its conversation history.

Collect your Users

Know people that chat with your ALX Sahaya and build relationships. Create custom users list and utilize them in your marketing campaigns, databases and more.


Reports give an insight into your ALX Sahaya performance. With the data in hands, you can get a better understanding of what parts of the stories work and what interactions require additional improvements.

FAQ assistants

ALX Sahaya can act as an alternative channel for helping customers with FAQs. Using ALX Sahaya as an FAQ assistant means that customers can ask their question to a bot and receive their answer as a friendly message.

Why Choose Us

Apps Logistics is a key player in providing exemplary consulting services for Oracle Cloud and its associated applications. As a preferred Oracle partner, we specialize in technology and Oracle expertise to deliver a portfolio of solutions that drive immeasurable value for your business.

Customized Solution

We work with you to create bespoke solutions and well-regulated processes from ground up for managing and handling mission-critical Oracle databases.

Unprecedented Business Value

We generate value for our clients across key business functions through our comprehensive portfolio of end-to- end Oracle solution offerings.

Enhanced Productivity

Our skilled Oracle architects understand your business to help create metrics-driven methodologies to innovate, enhance, transform, enhance, and optimize your business.

Increased ROI

We use our best practices to expedite adoption and Return on Investment across the Oracle suite of products.

Best-In-Class Service

We offer a gamut of end-to- end solutions for your enterprise that range from consulting, implementation, deployment, and rollouts, to monitoring and management of tools and services.

Cloud-Centric Framework

Our cutting-edge delivery framework utilizes the best-in- class cloud strategies to seamlessly integrate your legacy infrastructure and applications with the Cloud.